5 Practical Yet Charming Chimney Designs

A chimney can be the highlight of your entire home or at least the upper level.  A quality and charming one could literally make some people stop to point it out and say, “I want that design.” 

However, quality and charming are the keywords. Without those traits, it’s unlikely that anything good will be said about your chimney. 

It’s not that a normal or average chimney is bad, but it’s certainly no match for one with a little bit of flair, that’s for sure. 

So, if you’re interested in standing out or having a leg up on a few of the other homes in your neighborhood, you’re probably in the market for a charming design or two, and you’re definitely in the right place. 

We’ll give you five of the best chimney designs that are both charming and still practical. 

But before that, please keep in mind that your chimney must compliment your home as a whole. It’s great for a chimney to shine and stand out on its own. On the other hand, it should be avoided if it stands out like a sore thumb. 

Let’s start with a classic…

Paired Chimneys

These chimneys are exactly how you would expect–in a pair. This design has origins dating back to the colonies, which is why we called it a classic, and in addition to their beautiful look, there’s a practical reason supporting the design. 

In colonial times, people relied heavily on their fireplaces. Especially in the north. So they would centralize their fireplaces to keep the heat flowing throughout the house–contained. However, in the south, it was a bit warmer. That means you didn’t have to worry so much about the heat escaping–in fact, overheating was a concern.

So, they would place two chimneys, usually on opposite sides of the house, on the exterior walls to allow some heat to leave. 

Overall, this design adds a lot of visual interest to the home and is certainly worth a look. 

Curved Top Chimneys

These chimneys, easily spotted by their unique look on top, don’t have the same historical origins as our last pick. Yet, they are a wonderful choice for many homes. 

The unique curved chimney topper that sometimes can give one the illusion of a tunnel is certainly a design that can give your home a major boost. That said, it remains a subtle addition that doesn’t force the onlooker to behold it. 

Overall, curved top chimneys are a subtle, simple and fun design that you can have on your home. 

Large, Doubled Chimneys

Similar to the paired chimneys, there are usually two or more flues with these. The main difference is that there is no separation between the chimneys. Instead, they are combined to provide a striking chimney that is noticeable without much effort. 

These chimneys were all the rage in the 1960s and continue to dominate homes that feature a more geometry-centered design. 

Overall, if you have a home where a large chimney would complement your home’s other more dominant features, you should consider this one. 

Clay Flue Pots

If you enjoy interesting, sometimes unfamiliar designs, this could be a go-to. Clay flue pots offer a vibrant cap on your classic chimney design and usually won’t force you to go above and beyond on a completely new chimney. 

While the unique look is the major draw of the clay pots, there is something to be said about their practicality. You see, a lot of chimneys are prevented from drawing properly because of the length or width at the top. A clay flue pot might just be able to add enough height and width to cover for that. 

Overall, this is easy to do and won’t require much out of you. Yet, the difference might be small in comparison to other designs. 

Separate Chimney Flues

Many chimneys feature designs with only one flue. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but adding one or two more and incorporating a design element along the side of the chimney itself can make it look phenomenal. 

The designs can even hint at the chimney serving multiple heating systems! 

Overall, the design along the side and the interest of the additional flues make this a subtle showstopper. 

Pick the Right Design for Your Home as a Whole…

To reiterate what we discussed before diving into this list, you need to ensure that the design you choose compliments your home. 

That’s the only way that it’ll have the intended effect. Other than that, choose what you want! 

It’s your design and your home. 

If you settle on a pick, then get the help of some professionals to back you up and help that design come to life. Contact Ray Arnold Masonry today for all your masonry needs.