Find Out if You Need a Retaining Wall for Your Property!

A well-built retaining wall will add a lot to your property. It adds visual interest, holds back earth that could erode or collapse, and can even create a sunken patio. You may often see them in parks as retainers for plants, statues or anything else that is useful. But, it can be challenging to find out if you need one or if it’s a worthy investment.

So we’ll be breaking down the basics to help you figure out if you could benefit from having a retaining wall built into your property. 

Sloped or Multi-Leveled Properties

If you have a sloped or multi-leveled property, then you may think certain landscape additions or features are out of your reach, but you could be wrong. Adding a retaining wall to a property like that can create a flat portion of the property which will open up doors to gardens and a lot else. 

This also allows for easier maintenance on the property, which will be useful for yourself or any landscaping company that you may employ! People have done this for a long time to create agricultural terraces and grow much-needed crops, so we know it’s effective. 

If you’re a business or would like to have wheelchair access on your property, then retaining walls are a surprisingly useful way to accomplish this! Oftentimes people will use retaining walls to create a slope that gives the access wheelchair users need.

Issues With Managing Water Runoff

Another amazing benefit of retaining walls is managing the flow of rainwater. When the rainwater falls into the retaining wall area, it is slowed and will effectively increase the amount of moisture in your garden or lawn, which is great for any soil.

Don’t mistake that for us saying that water will pool in these areas. Retaining walls will actually prevent this with built-in water drainage, making standing pools of water that can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes a thing of the past. 

Avoid the Concerns of Erosion

When you build a home on land that doesn’t have densely packed soil or a lot of roots holding it firm, then it can lead to erosion down the road. That can be aggravating when you’ve spent so much time cultivating your yard how you like. 

A retaining wall will add stability and security to your home with the built-in drainage system. It keeps the water from eroding the soil and thus will keep your home secure. 

Have Comfort in Your Foundation

Not only can erosion cause damage to your land and plants, if left unchecked, it will also destroy your home’s foundation. 

Soil close to the surface and far below are both heavily affected by erosion. So when the soil far below erodes, it can cause voids of space that affect the support of the whole property. That could be especially concerning if your home’s foundation is next to one of the voids. 

Water that gathers in these voids could crack your foundation. That’s the last thing any homeowner needs, as those repairs do not come cheap. 

It’s a Creative Addition to Your Property

The style and design aesthetic of retaining walls is reason enough to consider installing them onto your property. We don’t need to explain why so many landscape architects decide to use them; they look nice and add a lot of appeal to a property that could otherwise be bland. 

So if you look at your property and don’t feel some sort of pride, this could be your answer with many design styles and building materials to choose from. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the right style for you. 

Peace of Mind

A retaining wall adds just that, peace of mind and a chance for your brain to relax without worrying about the state of your property. That alone is a great reason. Your home will face serious challenges from the weather throughout the year, but a retaining wall can serve as an extra security blanket in those conditions. 

In Conclusion

Retaining walls are a landscape addition with so many benefits that it begs the question as to why you haven’t looked into it sooner. When adding design beauty, structural integrity and extra usable land, there’s no beating it. 

However, for a retaining wall to provide all of the benefits that we’ve listed, it has to be done the right way. So when you’ve decided to install a retaining wall for your landscape, contact professionals that know what they’re doing. 

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