Get the Fireplace of Your Dreams Without a Nightmare Bill

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time looking at people’s chimneys and fireplaces. Can you guess the most common complaint that we hear? Aside from serious problems, the most frequent complaint is that homeowners just don’t like the way that their fireplace looks. It’s dated, out of style, doesn’t complement the rest of the house or just doesn’t match the homeowner’s style. 

These homeowners love having a fireplace — it brings warmth and heating options to the home, as well as providing a gathering place for the family and friends. They just wish they could afford to update it.

Improve Your Fireplace

People are always pleasantly surprised when we tell them that there are less expensive options that can drastically improve the appearance of their fireplace. 

You don’t have to save for years to make your fireplace look better, and it doesn’t require any changes to the structure itself. One of the easiest and most cost-effective options is using stone or brick veneers. 

Why Veneers are Less Expensive

You save money using veneers for two reasons. The first is that stone and brick veneer costs less to manufacture than traditional materials. They don’t replace brick and stone in every situation, but almost always work well for an interior fireplace surround. 

In addition to lower manufacturing costs, you can expect to pay for fewer labor hours. Because the materials weigh less and we can install them on almost any surface, the work goes more quickly than you’d expect. 

Veneers Come in a Wide Variety of Options

Whatever your taste, there’s a veneer that you’ll love. Maybe you like the look of rough river rock, worn brick, or even old slate. We can install any of these around your fireplace, transforming an outdated look into space you’ll love. 

Veneers can easily be installed in round areas or along curves. We can cut or shape the material to any needed shape or size, creating a natural-looking installation with no gaps or awkward seams. 

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Veneers are a Resilient Option

Veneer is a non-porous, colorfast, and heat-resistant. You can expect years of using your fireplace without fading, cracking, or collecting dirt and grime. The material is strong and long-lasting. 

We can install veneers on most surfaces. There’s seldom any need for demolition since we can work directly on brick, wood, cement, and sometimes even sheetrock. Traditional materials present more challenges to work with and take longer to install.

Love Your Fireplace

Do you enjoy the warmth of a fire on a chilly evening, but wish your fireplace looked nicer? Don’t think that you can’t have a beautiful fireplace surround without breaking your budget. With fireplace veneers, you can have the look you love without spending more than you should. 

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