How to Hire a Qualified Tradesperson

A qualified tradesperson can be hard to find. There are many plumbers, electricians, and trades people advertising the same services, making it hard to determine which ones are truly qualified. Bringing someone into your home or office space to complete a job should not be taken lightly, as you do not want any damage done to your personal or business space. Not every tradesperson is fully qualified, so you cannot trust just anyone to complete a job.

If you are wondering how to hire a qualified tradesperson, keep reading for some helpful hints.

Make Sure the Company is Legitimate

Take the time to look up a company or individual’s name online to find an established website with credentials and customer reviews. If a company is legitimate and credible, there will be an active phone number to contact someone to make an appointment. If you cannot find these elements, then the company is likely not legitimate or qualified for your job.

Make Sure the Tradesperson is Licensed

In order to work in their field, some tradespeople must have the appropriate licenses. To get the license, they must be qualified in their field, and have experience to earn this qualification. If you are not sure if the person you have hired is qualified for the job, ask to see a license. Licensed contractors will have no issue with showing it to you. If you have hired a company, go on the company’s website or give a call and confirm proof of licensing. If you cannot get this proof, then the tradesman may not qualify.

However, some trades do not require specific licensing. In that case, the best way to filter out contractors is through verifying that they are fully insured, have the proper documents in place and are a reputable company who gives referrals.

Confirm Insurance Coverage

All qualified tradespeople have insurance coverage in case something goes wrong. Having this kind of insurance is vital to being in this business because injuries and mistakes can happen. Ask your tradesperson what kind of insurance he or she has. You can even ask for proof of insurance to make sure the tradesperson is legitimate. If the person or company you want to hire does not have insurance, do not make the hire, as you can be at risk for repercussions if something goes wrong during the job. Uninsured tradespeople are not worth the time or money.

Be Careful Judging by Price Alone

Price can be a tricky part of the trades. Like most things, you get what you pay for. The amount, whether high or low, is not always the best way to evaluate the job. Price can vary widely on bids. But the best way to evaluate whether someone is right for the job is often in how they handle themselves and if you feel they are the right person you want around. You should never pay anything unless you feel totally comfortable with the contractor your hiring. Trust your instincts and hire the contractor you feel will do the job right and that you are comfortable having in or around your home. Shop around when hiring a tradesperson and get a few quotes. Everyone charges a little differently and may offer different services for the same job.

The key is to find the contractor that you feel most comfortable with and who you know will care for your home how you want it to be taken care of. To find the right tradesperson, you may have to do some research and get some referrals. Taking the time to find the right fit will save you huge headaches down the road.

Check the Contract

A qualified tradesperson will give you a quote and a contract for the job you are proposing. Go over the contract thoroughly and make sure everything is legitimate. Ask about payments and make sure everything align across the board. All of these details should be seamless and easy for the tradesperson to explain. You should also look to get a general timeline on the job. There are times when jobs can take longer than what you expect, or other factors come into play like weather, but you should be able to get a decent time frame for your project.

Check Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are vital when it comes to hiring a tradesperson. The majority of the reviews need to be positive and customers should be willing to recommend the tradesman. If you go onto a website and see that a company has multiple bad reviews and criticism from customers, then hiring that tradesperson is not worth your time. This person may be fully qualified and may have a license, credentials, and insurance coverage, but without positive reviews, you will take a risk if you make the hire.

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