How to Know if Your Roof is Leaking

A leaking roof starts out as an annoyance but can become a big problem quickly. Not only will your roof become damaged, but if you have an attic, it will be as well. Furthermore, anything that is under the roof is in danger of being damaged. Water will make its way through the walls of your home, seriously damaging insulation and paint. Moisture and mold will also develop over time, which could cause health problems. 

If you suspect that your roof is leaking, but you are not certain, here are a few signs to watch out for. 

Water Stains

A water stain is a definite sign that your roof is leaking. It can look like a puddle on your ceiling, which is usually lined with brown spots. These spots are dirty watermarks. There are occasions where water stains blend into the ceiling because of the walls or the paint you use, so be wary of that. 

They can also happen in dark corners where you may not notice them. If you notice any kind of discoloration on your ceiling or walls, take a closer look. Check for moisture and mold and take notice of how many water spots you see. If you see all of the above, you definitely have a leak in your roof and should get it looked at by a professional. 

Drips from Your Ceiling

If you have an occasional drip somewhere in your home, take note of when the drips happen. Be sure to take special note if the ceiling drips during storms. Pay special attention to these things, so the problem can be found. If you have a drip anywhere in your home, get it looked at by a professional so they can help fix the issue for you.

Moss Growing on Your Roof

Some people may like to see moss growing on a roof because it has a “rustic charm.” It won’t be “charming” for long once you realize it’s the culprit for a deeper problem. Believe it or not, moss can be a sign of damage to your roof. Having moss on your roof can mean that there is a problem with your gutters or downspouts. It may be due to the coverage of the trees overtop the roof making it difficult for the sun to fully dry the roof. When moss grows it begins to trap the moisture, not allowing debris and rainwater to run down the roofline properly. In winter, the moss can trap snow, allowing ice to get under the shingles. 

Over time, this water can make its way into your home and also down into your walls. To fix this problem, trim trees, repair any sagging gutters. Be sure your gutter covers and gutter heating systems aren’t preventing water from getting into the downspouts or catching debris. If a leak persists, the problem may be coming from a different source.

Missing Shingles on Your Roof

If there are missing shingles on your roof, that is a sign of problems with your roofing material. If you have lived in your home for 20 years, then it’s probably time to replace the roof. This is especially true if you see any damage to your roof or missing shingles. If the roof is fairly new, you should not be dealing with these problems, which is a sure sign that something is wrong.

In this case, try to discover the source of the problem. Missing shingles can be caused by a pest problem, excess moisture that’s leaked in through the roof or something else altogether. Do some troubleshooting to see if you can determine why this is happening. You may need to schedule a roof inspection to solve this problem.

Debris on Your Roof or in Downspouts

Debris like leaves, tree branches, moss, and dirt on your roof can cause leaks over time. They trap moisture and overtime, that trapped moisture causes decay. If the debris stays in one place for months, it could decay your roof and cause a leak in your roof. 

The same goes for downspouts. If debris is left in them over a long period of time, it causes holes and water will drip onto your roof. 

To control this issue, clean your roof and downspouts regularly. If you do not feel comfortable cleaning them yourself, have a professional do it for you. Cleaning regularly is the only task that will maintain debris and keep leaks from happening.

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