The Importance of Interior Waterproofing

Being a homeowner requires a lot of hard work to keep the house in tip-top shape. Some tasks are obvious like fixing a leak in the roof or replacing missing siding. However, many people overlook waterproofing the interior of the house. Keep reading to learn all about the importance of interior waterproofing. 

What is Interior Waterproofing? 

It is the process of re-routing the water that leaks into a basement out and away from the home. The drainage system for interior waterproofing is made up of several pipes that catch the leaks. They are installed under the floor along the foundation to collect excess rainwater. It then flows into a sump pump in your basement and then is pumped out of the house. 

Another part of interior waterproofing involves a vapor barrier. Vapor barriers are plastic or rubber-like material that are installed along the wall of the basement. These barriers are designed to keep the leaks and moisture contained and take it down into the drains installed under the floor. 

Why Have Interior Waterproofing? 

Investing in interior waterproofing for your home greatly reduces the likelihood of your basement flooding. Plus, the drainage system is easy to have installed and costs less than exterior waterproofing. 

Here are some other great reasons for interior waterproofing your home: 

Get Rid of Dampness

If your home is damp, you open up the risk of developing mold and mildew, which can be problematic. Installing interior waterproofing in your home eliminates both of these issues. Additionally, it ensures the water that gets through the wall is contained. Furthermore, it keeps the moisture levels stay down making the basement smell better and be more functional. 

Cost-Effective and Efficient 

Installing interior waterproofing in your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to handle basement water and it can be installed quicker. Once the system is in place, you can stop worrying about water issues in your basement. You do need to remember that this is simply redirecting the water back out that is getting through the wall as opposed to an exterior waterproofing that prevents the water from ever getting in. But sometimes an exterior waterproofing is not always able to be done or can be higher cost so the interior is a good solution.

Protect Your Basement Floor 

Basement floors are made of concrete that is between 3-4 inches thick. If groundwater swells up beneath it, the floor can crack or find its way in. Cracks in the floor can lead to seepage and flooding. Having an interior waterproofing system can stop this issue before it starts, giving you peace of mind. 

Improve the Climate Control of Your Home

Heating and cooling the home can be a huge expense for a homeowner. Installing interior waterproofing in your home can help to alleviate that expense. Interior waterproofing will help to reduce the humidity level of the air inside your house. So, your HVAC system will not have to work as hard to heat and cool your home. 

Increase Your Living Space 

Installing interior waterproofing can instantly increase your living space. It can help you turn an unfinished and unusable basement into an extra bedroom or living space. Another option is to create a bonus room for your kids or guests. Having a waterproofing system in your basement opens up many possibilities because you won’t have to worry about water seeping in. So, you can furnish your basement with whatever you like and use the space however you see fit. 

Increase Your Resale Value 

Most homeowners are concerned with the resale value of the home. At some point, the house will be sold, and it’s in a homeowner’s best interest to get top dollar for it. Solving a water issue in your basement will increase the attractiveness of your home and make it much easier to sell. As a buyer,  not having to worry about a dry basement or hire someone to fix it can be the deciding factor between buying your house or another one. 

Installing an interior waterproofing system in your house can be a great solution to your water issues! To learn more about an interior waterproofing system or to schedule a consultation, contact Ray Arnold Masonry today.