Masonry Home Improvements Ideas

Home improvement is exciting! That’s one thing that we can all agree on. I mean, what could be better than all the excitement of having new features to fall in love with– without having to pick up roots and move all your stuff? Not much in my mind. 

But let’s all be honest here. Home improvement is exciting when you start the project and are jam-packed with ideas, but when those ideas start tapering off, it’s a different story, and it can become frustrating. Well, you’re in luck. To prevent that or at least lessen its impact on you, those of us at Ray Arnold Masonry & General Contracting thought it best to show you some of the top masonry home improvement ideas in this post! 

Why Masonry Is the Best Move for Your Home Improvement Projects

Yes, masonry is what we do, so granted, we have a bit of an attachment. But that’s not why we’re talking about masonry here. Masonry is simply the best option if you want style, versatility and durability in one sweep– in other words, it’s the ideal choice for home improvement. 

And with so much experience under our belt, we’re in a unique position to illustrate some of the best masonry home ideas around. 

Add some splash to your kitchen

We’re specifically talking about backsplash– brick backsplash. It’s becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder why. It provides you with a modern yet rustic look in a single step. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it at all! There is no concern about it becoming worn down over time. It’ll simply keep looking the same amount of brilliant and unique for as long as you have it up there. 

And with the variety of brick styles, you don’t have to settle for one option. As an example, if you want to have a more modern look, great, you can. If you want it to look like the brick has just been uncovered after years and years, that’s also great. 

My point is: Brick backsplash has all of the interest and pizzazz that your kitchen needs. 

Bring your home office to life!

We all have that cool office aesthetic in mind– the office with the interesting brick walls that give the feeling that the building used to be a factory back in the day. Only now, the walls harbor the creative work done by you. 

Well, that aesthetic isn’t out of reach with masonry, and you don’t have to track down a solid brick home. All you need is to bring one wall into your office for that cool aesthetic to be realized! And assuming that you bring in the real professionals to help, it can be a piece of cake to do so. 

Dress up your house

You may think that brick looks nice on the outside of a home, but perhaps it’s a little outside of your budget or comfort zone to lace your entire house with it. That’s completely understandable, but luckily, there’s a middle ground. 

Go outside and look at your home. I’m willing to venture that there are one or two spots that brick veneer could be slotted in!  If you decide to lay some brick in those spots, you can accomplish that nice, impressive brick home look without going way out on a limb! That’s the best of both worlds.

What do you think? Are you feeling inspired? I’m considering adding a few of these ideas to my home the more that I think about them. I hope to see you follow suit soon. But remember, when working with masonry, it’s best to do it with professionals at your side. And if you contact us at Ray Arnold Masonry, we’d be happy to be those professionals for you. 

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