Ray Arnold Masonry’s Response to COVID-19

The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, continues to wreak havoc throughout the nation and the world. As a result, many of us have to make accommodations to mitigate the spread of this terrible disease.

From businesses temporarily closing to hospital staff, grocery store teams, and many other essential companies working around the clock to help us all weather the storm of this pandemic, it is awe-inspiring to see how resilient this nation’s citizens are. We need it more than ever as we continue through this crisis.

Ray Arnold Masonry has made adjustments to our protocols that are based on the guidelines of Ohio Governor Mike Dewine’s “stay at home” order that he issued on 22 March 2020.

We serve our communities

Since Ray and Irene Arnold began this business in 1952, there has been a commitment to serve the community. As the current owner, their grandson Cody Arnold still upholds that standard. Ray Arnold Masonry seeks to serve the communities of Chagrin Falls, Bainbridge, Russell, South Russell, and surrounding areas.

We prioritize the safety of all our customers

Because our company is under the “essential” category according to the guidelines specified in the governor’s stay-at-home order, we will continue to work on home repairs during this time. However, we have established new protocols to protect our clients during such visits.

  • Our staff practices social distancing, requesting that customers stay inside their homes while work is being done.
  • If the customer needs to contact our office or onsite crews, we have email and phone communication available.
  • You can pay online or over the phone to limit the exchange of paperwork.

We take extra measure to protect our dedicated staff members

The crews and other staff members at Ray Arnold Masonry are like family. Because our staff is so important to us, we take their safety seriously, too. To keep everyone safe from Covid-19, we have put several protocols in place.

  • We are reducing our crew sizes and require all employees to check their temperature before coming into work each day. For those who have a fever or other signs of a health risk, whether such symptoms develop during their shift or before coming into work, they are told to stay home.
  • Our company trucks and shared equipment get a lot of use. Because of this, we wipe down and sanitize all equipment daily.

We are unsure of how long this pandemic will last, but please know that we are still here to serve you in any way we can. As has been stated by the CDC and other healthcare professionals, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, communities must comply with the necessary safety measures given by the government. We are doing our part to follow these safety measures, and we will continue to do so until instructed otherwise.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Remember, there are brighter days ahead.