Today’s‌ ‌Trendiest‌ ‌Stone‌ ‌Step‌ ‌Styles‌

If you’re looking to make some stunning new additions to your home, stone steps are a great way to make your property stand out. Stone steps give your yard character and definition that other landscaping techniques can’t offer. With so many styles to choose from, it’s important to find what steps are right for you and your home. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available, this article is here to help. Keep reading to discover the trendiest stone-step styles available right now. Let’s find the perfect fit for your home!

Stone Slabs

Simple in design yet chic in appearance, stone slabs are the most sought-after product in the natural stone market. They are versatile and gorgeous pieces of landscaping and can transform the aesthetic of your property in a flash. Place them in a garden or a pathway for a textured, natural feel. They are extremely weather-resistant and require next to no maintenance. As time goes by, a little wear and tear on stone slabs will actually add to their aesthetic appeal and create new visual effects that will compliment the personality of your yard. The size and shape of stone slabs may vary depending on your property, so be sure to get in touch with an expert to find what exact portion of stone slabs is right for you. 

Concrete Beams With River Stones

Dreaming of ancient Europe? These steps are for you. They boast a flowing, elegant design that transports you into a foreign, yet familiar world. If you’re trying to give your home a refined, European look, consider this design, comprised of smooth river stones with concrete beams at every step. The stones themselves are held together by a mortar which gives the steps a naturally elevated feel. While the stone slabs are more rigid and grounded, the river stone design is built to be more gradual and relaxed. The concrete beams play in perfect harmony with the river stones, providing support and structure to the steps. 

Inlaid Beach Stones

Inlaid beach stones are the perfect excuse to transform your home into an island getaway. If you’re searching for a tropical design or if you live near a beach, these stones are perfect for your home. Their multi-colored brilliance gives these stones a natural pop and their varying sizes ensure that they never get boring. They are laid out like a work of art – almost mosaic in structure. Beach stones can be forged into paths, stepping stones, or small designs scattered throughout your property. Their versatility and uniqueness cannot be overstated. No one will have the same type of beach stones as you. These stones can be found in a wide variety of places, such as rock shops and home improvement stores.


Rounded Stone Steps

This is the classic stone step look. The rounded stone step style is commonly used to create pathways and steps for gardens and floral areas, as it offers a simplistic, natural pattern and feels seamlessly woven into its surrounding environment. These steps look completely unified with nature while adding notes of cultivation and refinement. You can tailor rounded stone steps however you like depending on your tastes, and you can also place the rounded stone anywhere you like. The beauty of this style is that it fits everywhere, it doesn’t have to be installed in a garden setting. These steps can be in the front of your home, they can trail through the yard, they can be nestled by a riverbed, or they can be planted in your garden for the classic appeal. 

Smooth and Grouted Flagstone

If you are the type of person who rejects tradition and embraces modernity, this style is calling your name. Flagstone is the essence of modern refinement and has a sharp, attention-grabbing visual appeal. The actual texture and feel of these stones are family-friendly and offer a welcoming environment for your home. It’s a clean, satisfying style that finds its elegance in its simplicity. The splendor of flagstone means that it has to be handled with care. Make sure you enlist professional help when installing these stones, as they must be treated with an expert’s touch to have their best aesthetic value. If taken care of, flagstone steps will last several years, but they must be cleaned and repaired regularly to maintain their luster. 

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