Use Masonry to Complement Your Garden This Summer!

We’re rolling through the seasons, and summer is here! And along with the sunshine and hot weather, there’s a really exciting opportunity to add some great enhancements to your entire garden space! 

And you can do it ALL with masonry. 

Admittedly, not too many people leap to masonry when they first begin brainstorming for garden enhancements. However, there are plenty of excellent reasons why masonry is your best bet and needs to be your go-to. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how masonry benefits your garden. Then, we’ll give interesting ideas to get you started. Continue reading below to transform your garden into something great. 

Masonry Complements Your Home Better Than Anything Else

Gardens are beautiful, truly a work of art in many cases. Unfortunately, they rarely compliment a home. After all, a garden itself is often free and wild. But a home, on the other hand, is typically strong and sturdy. 

That doesn’t mean the home isn’t beautiful. It simply means that it beats to its own drum—standing apart from the garden instead of with it. 

That’s where masonry can solve that problem. 

With the right masonry addition to your garden space, you can easily marry the garden and your home. But beyond marrying your home and garden, you can finally merge your entire landscape into one cohesive piece. Now, sporting a property like that, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Examples of Masonry Ideas That Truly Complement Your Garden Area

All of these ideas should give you great inspiration to start! But, be mindful and really look at your garden. Build a mental image of it if you can, and imagine how these different examples would look placed among your flowers! 

Lay Down a Pathway!

A garden is great to look at!  A beauty to enjoy. Unfortunately for you and any guest that happens to come by, they aren’t exactly easy to navigate. It can even be difficult to understand which part of a garden is acceptable to stand on. 

A simple stonework pathway makes accessibility simple. 

A pathway done right gives a much-needed sense of direction and beauty for people entering your property. And as for you, you can finally track through your garden space without worrying about stepping in mud. All in all, it’s the best example of how a little addition can go a long way. 

Plus, if you’re worried about the look of a stone pathway, don’t be. There are a ton of different options to choose from. All you need to do is speak with a masonry professional and figure it out!  Much easier than the effort you invested in your garden, for sure. 

Add a Retaining Wall! 

Do you recall how we described the modern home? Strong and sturdy, right? So, it stands to reason that the perfect thing to add to your garden area is a retaining wall. 

A well-built wall will be equally strong and sturdy, thus blending in with your home and making your garden space pop like nothing else. Plus, if you’re worried about your retaining wall taking up some valuable real estate that you may want, later on, put that worry to bed. 

The soil atop a retaining wall is still very usable! Often, people will place a retaining wall on a sloped area simply to house a garden! So, you have nothing to worry about. You’ll be able to add value and aesthetics while keeping your space. 

Surround Yourself with Beauty!

If you’ve ever thought that to have a garden, you needed to give up a large portion of your landscape, you were wrong. A garden does enjoy being free and growing in all directions.  

Still, there’s absolutely no downside to adding a beautiful patio space next to your garden. In fact, you’ll only gain by giving yourself and your loved ones a place to admire and appreciate the garden itself. 

Get Creative! 

Great masonry additions to your garden don’t rise and fall here! These are just some of the options that you can incorporate into your space, and they are mainly for inspiration! We want you to get excited about how powerful masonry additions can be. And beyond that, we want to see how you combine these ideas to come up with a space that is fully unique. 

Just make sure that you have a team of professionals at your side during your brainstorming. Working together, you can come up with something amazing and practical. Without a doubt, the best of both worlds. 

When you want to get started, contact Ray Arnold Masonry today for all your masonry needs.