Why Walkways are the First Step to a Beautiful Home

Your home is your castle. It’s the onus of every homeowner to make sure their castle is in tip-top condition. In that regard, it often seems that there are a million projects to juggle. Unless you’ve been saving up and planning a massive renovation, you need to prioritize what needs to be fixed and what can wait.

Some home improvement tasks are critical and need to be jumped on right away. A leaky faucet is money down the drain.  Consequently, calling the plumber or making it a DIY project is an urgent concern. Meanwhile, a shed out back that needs to be cleaned can be pushed to the back burner for another time.

Some homeowners simply don’t prioritize certain projects. For them, some projects are unimportant or too costly to work on or hire a professional. Repairing brick and stone walkways is one such project we know can do wonders for homes but sometimes be overlooked.

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

What does your home say about you? How does your home make friends and family feel when they visit? A well-kept home is great for your mood and that of your guests. That is especially true if you have the elements to impress. The first impression is crucial because it’s what people truly remember and use to make initial judgments about you. You may think a first impression comes as soon as you open the door and exchange hellos but it truly happens long before that.

Your walkways tie your landscaping together. They act as a functional arm of the aesthetic and cosmetic direction of your outdoor areas. If your walkways are uneven, sinking, broken, or missing parts, your guests are going to notice. No matter how nice your home is on the inside, those first few steps tell an important story.

A well-maintained walkway has the power to delight and inspire. It can add sophistication to something as simple as a walk to the front door. If you would like to further discuss how a walkway can enhance the design of your property, our team is here to provide expert education and advice.

Build the Function, Build the Value

The walkways through your garden and around your home are as essential as any other component of your landscaping. A professionally maintained walkway escalates the decorative elegance of your grounds and offers a comfortable promenade about the property. Additionally, it accentuates the other features surrounding the home. A well-planned path has the functional ability to direct traffic where you want.

Keeping the walkway in good repair is also a safety-conscious effort. One of the main reasons to install a walkway is to provide a more even surface to traverse to prevent trips and turned ankles. Letting it fall into disrepair essentially negates this major benefit.

One of the biggest benefits that receive little thought is that by making sure your walkway has a professional look, you add significant value to your home. Landscaping elements like walkways build on the creative design of your home and enhance any feature they are in. It creates a sense of completion to a prospective buyer. It lets them know every detail of the home, inside and out, has been considered. Repairing your walkways can provide a wealth of personal satisfaction but it can also grow your investment.

Save Time and Money, Repair Your Walkways Today

There is never a bad time to start with repairing your brick and stone walkways. Take a look at your stone and brickwork around your home and identify potential problem spots. If your walkways are uneven, popping up, sinking or splitting apart, addressing them quickly can save you money and effort in the long run. As portions of a walkway start to fall into disrepair, the integrity of the entire walkway can be compromised and it doesn’t take long for the remaining path to face similar issues. Having a professional assess the issue can lessen the extent of repairs and bolster the integrity of your walkway, keeping it in great condition for much longer.

You have a right to be comfortable, happy, and safe in your home. For over 70 years, we have taken great pride in offering masonry solutions that build the quality of life for the residents in our communities. If you are ready to tackle your walkway project, big or small, and start setting some great first impressions, contact Ray Arnold Masonry & General Contracting today!