Are You Taking Care Of Your Masonry Steps?

Though brick and mortar steps are built to last, sometimes they need maintenance to ensure their longevity. After all, they have a hard job in a challenging environment. They deal with every change in temperature, all the inclement weather that comes with the changing seasons and we use them every day. Your masonry steps can [...]

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Protect Your Masonry From Winter Weather

Masonry walls, steps and chimneys seem permanent and impervious. After all, it’s strong and can take a lot of abuse — pretty darn near invincible right? Well, brick and mortar do make a mighty building material, and with proper maintenance your masonry construction will last a long time. But masonry has two enemies that can [...]

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You’re Ready for a Toasty Fire. Is Your Fireplace?

As winter weather approaches, we know a lot of people are eager to put their fireplace to good use. There’s nothing like a warm fire on a chilly day, but it’s important to ensure that your fireplace is as ready for winter as you are. Ask yourself, is your firebox ready for winter? If you’re [...]

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Protecting your Chimney and Fireplace with a Chimney Cap

When snow blankets the ground on a cold winter evening and the wind howls outside your windows, there’s nothing quite like warming yourself by a fire. To enjoy those nights by your fireplace however, you’ve got to make sure that your chimney is in good working order. Along with routine maintenance, one of the best [...]

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