Does Moisture Mean I Need Basement Waterproofing?

As you might imagine, we’ve seen basements in every stage of flooding — from a tiny leak to an unpleasantly surprising indoor swimming pool. We also meet a lot of folks who worry about the possibility of water damage to their home and possessions. They have a lot of questions and aren’t sure what they [...]

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Keeping Your Basement Dry: Indoor and Outdoor Waterproofing Solutions

You already know that you want to keep your basement dry — leaks and moisture can lead to cosmetic and structural damage, as well as hazardous mold. If you suspect that you have water leaking into your basement, it’s better to take care of it quickly. The longer you wait, the more costly the repair. [...]

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Waterproofing Your Steps Will Ensure Longevity

The weather takes it toll on everything, including the steps leading up to your house. Cycles of rain followed by sun and heat followed by cold can have unseen effects on your steps. Winter weather may cause the worst damage, though. Winter sun will melt snow and ice, which will find cracks and crevices in [...]

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