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You want to pick the right people to work on your home, not just anyone. Are they professional? Excellent at what they do?

Ray Arnold Masonry has been in the business of great workmanship since 1952. You can trust us:

  • We've completed thousands of repair and rebuild jobs
  • We've had extremely consistent satisfaction from our customers
  • We're safe, friendly, & fully insured
  • We'll give you a full analysis & solution for your chimney needs
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cracked crowncracked crown

Cracked Top?

Is the top (crown) of your chimney cracked?

A cracked crown on your chimney will quickly lead to many other problems. Even if is not yet letting water into the interior of your home, it may soon. Besides that, it will lead to accelerate deterioration of your chimney. All the water that enters you chimney through the top must work its way out again somewhere lower. This mosture passing through will slowly degrade the integrity of any masonry.

We'll repair or rebuild your crown and then seal it for a long leak free life.

cracked chimneyrebuilding chimney

Serious Trouble?

Does your chimney have cracks, spalling, or other serious structural problems?

Some damage to your chimney may require more than a surface patch! We will educate you on the condition of your chimney and how to best repair it, whether that means rebuilding just a small portion of it, or tearing it down to the roof line or below. Our goal is always to repair your chimney to last, while not doing more work than necessary. Our crews are experts.

When we're finished your chimney will be solid, safe, and attractive once again.

chimney leaknew chimney

Leaking Chimney?

Do you have leaks that may be from your chimney?

A leaking chimney is often the cause of water damage in ceilings. Often water will travel down joists, rafters, or drywall and then appear as a stain on your ceiling or wall. Many different issues can cause a chimney leak, a bad crown, deteriorated brick or cracks, open mortar joints, or old or damaged flashing. An experienced eye will often determine the cause of your leak even if it is not obvious.

Let us do the work to find where your leak is coming from, and seal it for good.

  • phone

    1. Connect

    As soon as you send us your contact information we'll reach out and find the best time for us to meet with you. We can accomodate your schedule and set up a time to see your chimney.

  • magnifying glass

    2. Analysis

    We'll bring ladders or whatever we need to get up to your chimney and take a close look– identifying any damage, where water may be entering your home, or any other problems you may be having.

  • iPad chimney

    3. Education

    We know that you probably don't climb on your roof very often! So we make a point to take pictures of what we find as we look at your chimney, and then give you a close up look while keeping your feet on the ground!

  • estimate icon

    4. Proposal

    After we've understood what the problems are with your chimney, we carefully estimate what it will take to repair or rebuild it to a solid, safe, and attractive state. Our estimators are excellent at knowing what needs done and what doesn't.

  • clock icon

    5. Your Next

    After you recieve the proposal and estimate of the work that is needed for your chimney repair, you can look it over and decide when you are ready to begin. As soon as you're ready to go we put you in the schedule!

  • trowel

    6. We Do The Rest

    Once your work is scheduled we'll let you know when we will start, communicate any important information as we carry out your work, & keep a clean work area while we do!

ray arnold-founder larry arnold

Who Is Ray Arnold Masonry?

Ray Arnold Masonry was started by Raymond A. Arnold and his wife Irene in 1952. That's over 60 years of quality service in the Chagrin Valley and beyond. Ask around, we're known for our great work.

In 1992, Larry, Ray's son took over the business and has maintained its reputation of excellence. Our crewman are experts in their trade, with full careers of experience in brick, stone, blockwork and more.

We are proud to be a family business that is focused on doing the best work possible for each of our customers. Our crews are friendly, polite, and professional.

Not only do we offer masonry services, but we have years of experience in general contracting, working with a an excellent group of tradesman in nearly every area that you may need to complete your project, inside and out. This gives us the knowledge to work together for your complete satisfaction, no matter what your goal is.


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