Stop the Damage Caused by Bowing & Cracked Basement Walls

Concrete walls become stressed when soil expansion exerts tremendous force against basement or crawl space walls. When cracks appear in these walls the structural integrity is compromised. This problem must be addressed quickly to avoid the possibility of structural failure.

Bowing basement wall

In order to ensure a lasting and correct repair is done, we first must excavate the exterior of the wall by digging it up by hand or with appropriate machinery:


Then we remove the wall down to where it is stable or all the way to the existing footer.  At times we will even remove and re-pour the footing if it has been damaged.  In this case we were able to use the stable base of the wall and rebuild from there:

Wall removal to stable base

As we rebuild we insert vertical steel reinforcements and pour concrete in these cores to produce a vertical steel reinforced column inside the wall as well:

Wall reconstruction with vertical reinforcement built in