Basement Waterproofing… In Winter?

Old man winter likes to play tricks on us — hitting us with freezing temperatures and tons of snow one week, and then more mild weather the next. While we tend to enjoy these brief reprieves from the bitter cold, these warm spells have another effect as well. They melt snow resulting in basement leaks.

When this happens, lots of homeowners wake up to an unpleasant surprise — water in the basement. This is never a good thing. Even small leaks will lead to cosmetic and structural damage, as well as mildew and mold. When temperatures plummet again, small leaks will freeze and expand, causing a bigger leak.

What Can You Do About Winter Basement Leaks?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the first thing you should do is make sure that you’ve cleared your gutters and extended your downspouts away from your house. This will ensure that water from snowmelt won’t be directed right to your home’s foundation. If your gutters become clogged with ice and snow, you may want to clear them but only if you can do so safely!

When Should I Waterproof?

Chances are good that if you’re asking about basement waterproofing, you need it. That said, you shouldn’t run to the hardware store and pick up an over-the-counter solution. More often than not, DIY waterproofing causes more problems than it solves.

Instead, consider a long term solution from a professional. At Ray Arnold Masonry & General Contracting, we’ve been waterproofing basements for half a century, and offer different options depending on your needs. Whether you need interior or exterior waterproofing, our skilled professionals have the experience and know-how to get the job done right.

Can I Waterproof My Basement in the Winter?

Many people wrongly assume that they need to wait until spring to waterproof their basement. Don’t make that mistake — in most cases, you can have your basement waterproofed during the winter. Outside temperatures and water conditions have little effect on interior waterproofing work. Exterior waterproofing can be done even in freezing conditions.

Additionally, you may save time by scheduling this work in the winter — because so many people wait until the spring thaw to schedule waterproofing services.  Getting a free estimate now allows you to skip the wait.

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