Does Your Fireplace Need a New Look? Then Consider Stone Veneer!

We’ve shared some important information about making sure that your fireplace and chimney are safe and ready to keep you warm this winter. We know that for many of you, having a fire burning helps heat your home and reduce energy costs. In addition to that, your fireplace also plays another role in your life. It provides a place for your family and friends to gather. It creates a cozy setting for after-dinner conversations or games. Your fireplace can become the heart of your home. So take a look at it… Do you like the way it looks?

Many older homes, and even several newer ones, may have fireplaces that look dated or out of style. They detract from the overall feel of the home, and that leads plenty of families to avoid using them.

Don’t Forget Your Fireplace!

There’s a better solution than letting your fireplace sit unused — update it! One of the most timeless looks for almost every home, a stone fireplace will make time spent sitting by the fire a pleasure. With today’s stone veneer options looking almost identical to natural stone, you can update the look of your fireplace without destroying your budget.

Why Use Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer offers a lot of attractive options for your home — it comes in a lot of colors and shapes, so your fireplace can appear to be surrounded by river rock or stacked slate. It’s colorfast and heat-resistant, as well as non-porous. This means that it won’t fade, crack, or collect dirt and grime.

We can install stone veneer on nearly any surface. Updating the look of your fireplace won’t require any major demolition or long term construction. We can install directly onto brick, wood, cement, and sometimes even onto sheetrock. It weighs less than many other building materials, is easy to install in round or curved areas, and can be cut or shaped to needed sizes or shapes.

Stone Veneer Offers an Inexpensive Option

Stone veneer has a lower price tag than traditional stone installations. The material itself costs less, but it also requires fewer labor hours. Because it’s lighter, easier to work with and we can install it on almost any surface, stone veneer provides an inexpensive way to refresh your fireplace, changing the entire look of the room.

Interested in updating your fireplace with a stone veneer? Schedule a free estimate and we’ll pay you a visit. Just give us a call at (440) 834-8252, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

Don’t let a dated or out of style fireplace prevent you from enjoying a warm, cozy fire this year. Give us a call and find out if a new stone veneer fireplace surround is right for you!