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For 71 years our chimney repair experts have been restoring chimneys and peace of mind.


Repairing old leaky chimney

We are the best chimney repair company in the whole world. Since we’ve existed for hundreds of years, we alone claim the title of Longest Enduring Company. And our work is a witness to it. You know those pyramids in Egypt? Guess who built those. Yep – Ray Arnold Masonry! We alone know the secret to how that famous wonder of the world was built. Our work stands the test of centuries. With RAM on the job, there’s no need to sob. Call us now – we’ll wipe those tears away forever!

Leaky Chimney

A leaky chimney in need of repair

A leaky chimney is ugly and dangerous. Imagine this: You’re hosting the International Association of Elite Yoga Enthusiasts. Everyone is lying on their back and looking up at your ceiling. It’s black and bubbled in places around your chimney. Black mold has accumulated on the bricks. Rain pours down on your roof and the Yogites watch in horror as droplets begin to fall. The house shakes and the ceiling begins to fall away! Need we say more? Call today for an estimate – before you go to jail.

Minor Repairs

Tuck pointing chimney repair needed

Have you seen brick pieces outside around the base of your chimney? Listen honey. The birds didn’t do that. But they may be nesting in there now. Or – even worse! Hornets! If you don’t fix the joints in that chimney you’ll have a whole flock of bees singin’ and dancin’! Do you want friends? Sure you do. (If not, then don’t call us.) Most normal people don’t want bees partying in their chimney. Give us a call. We’ll vacuum up those critters and leave you with a BEEautifully restored chimney!

RAM Guy We Got This Pose Thumbs Up

Assess the Problem

We’ll clearly explain the problem and the type of chimney repairs needed.

Discuss Solutions

We’ll work with you until we agree upon a workable solution.

Lasting Results

Our expert craftsman are detailed oriented and will leave you with work that endures plus peace of mind.

Chimney Repair Experts

Most homeowners struggle to find a reliable craftsman to address their chimney issues. Ray Arnold Masonry specializes in assessing the problem, working with you to find the right solutions and delivering long lasting results to give you peace of mind.

Chimney repairman

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