How to Know if Your Basement Needs a Complete Rebuild

Whether you use your basement as part of your living space or as storage, having a functional space is essential. No matter how old your home is, there is a good chance there could be residual basement damage from usage and normal wear and tear. 

But some damage might be worse than others, and you may need to do some serious repairs. Here are some tips to help you know when your basement needs a complete rebuild.

There is Lots of Water Damage and Accumulation

Most of us have experienced water accumulation and damage during rainfall and flooding. However, over time, too much water can make a basement unlivable and nonfunctional. Water damage can seep into your walls and floors. If that happens, mold will grow and build up. This is very bad for your health, and the health of your children and pets. 

Have you noticed constant water accumulation, even after a light rainfall? 

That means there are cracks in and around your basement walls that need to be repaired. Water should not be flowing freely into your basement during every little rainfall. So this is a telltale sign you may need a complete basement rebuild. 

You should try to get this rebuild completed as soon as possible. You want to avoid further damage to your basement and other areas of your home. 

There Are Cracks in the Walls

Having cracks of any size in your basement walls is not a good sign. 

These cracks are pathways for water, bugs, rodents and other pests to get into your home. If you have a few small cracks, you can probably patch them up yourself. However, you might have larger cracks or cracks that just keep growing. In this case, you are going to need some professional help, and possibly a complete basement rebuild. 

If you begin to notice more and more cracks, don’t wait to contact someone about a basement rebuild. Your basement is the very foundation of your home. And the more damage that happens in this space, the higher the chances that damage will affect the rest of your home. 

Windows and Doors Have Separated

The separation of windows and doors from the walls in your basement is a definite sign you need a complete basement rebuild. 

This separation allows for water, pests and air to seep through. This will make a difference in your basement, especially in the colder months, as you start to feel the draft coming inside. 

Rain can easily get through to your basement, and bugs and rodents will be able to make your basement their new home. If your doors and windows have separation, you should consider doing a rebuild right away. This will help you to avoid further damage in your basement. 

Damp Smell

A damp smell in your basement means that mold is growing – and it’s growing so much that you notice its smell. 

Unfortunately, mold growth is not always repairable, and you may need to get a complete basement rebuild to get rid of all the mold. 

Mold can have a severe negative impact on your health, so you should take care of this issue as soon as possible. When mold starts growing within walls, it can spread quickly, and can negatively impact people who have allergies. 

If you or your loved ones have asthma or other allergies, you should take special care not to spend too much time around this mold. 

Sinking Floors

If you notice sinking floors in your basement, that means you need a new foundation – and that means you need a complete basement rebuild. 

Building a new foundation means it is time to tear up the old one. And in this case, starting from scratch is essential. You have to start from the ground up to build a whole new basement foundation, with new walls and a new ceiling. 

This situation happens often with older homes that have seen a lot of wear and tear down in the basement. If this is happening to you, don’t worry – having a complete basement rebuild can add some significant property value to your home. 

And of course, once the rebuild is complete, you will have a new area in your home that you can use for whatever you desire. 

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