A Deep Dive Into Why Your Property Needs Masonry

Stone masonry is an ancient craft that dates back to the beginning of human history. The ancient Egyptians were known to make some of the greatest structures on earth using this technique.

People often ask our expert staff at Ray Arnold Masonry about why they should rely on stone masonry instead of concrete or other materials. 

We tell our customers that stone masonry is still used to make some of the most beautiful and complicated buildings on Earth. It’s used to make monuments and buildings. It is still considered by many to be the most beautiful and elegant way to build.

Let’s take a deep dive into why your property needs masonry.

Increases Your Property Value

The same properties that have become popular for outdoor living also make excellent choices for masonry-look homes. A masonry-look home makes a house more valuable. 

Your house will stand out among others in your neighborhood and other properties in the area. It is a true selling point. 

Allows You to Personalize Your Property

Natively designed personalized brick paver stair and walkways are a good choice for those who want to enhance their property. 

Adding a luxurious touch to properties and helping with accessibility for people who have a physical challenge is always beneficial.

Fantastic Durability

Stone masonry is made to last forever. These materials can resist some of the worst weather conditions and are resistant to wear and tear. 

If used properly, there is no need for maintenance on the masonry. It is resistant to environmental conditions that can cause deterioration. 

Great for the Environment

Masonry is made from the simplest ingredients out there. You only need a lump of stone and a chisel. No toxic chemicals are required. 

Masons are always proud of their craft because it is one of the most sustainable in the world. If there is a secret ingredient in masonry that adds to its aesthetic appeal, it’s the quartzite stone. This stone is incredibly hard and resilient and is very easy to carve.

Sparks Creativity

A masonry foundation is a prime place to put your creativity and imagination. It allows you to go above and beyond what you think is possible. 

The foundation, ceiling and beams are all set in stone. You are free to incorporate incredible sculptures into your design without the worry of the building being unstable. The ceilings, beams and columns allow for many possibilities in terms of art and designs. 

Offers Property Protection

Building a home with masonry gives you the protection of the natural environment around your home. When you make the retaining walls of your home out of stone, the stone itself acts as an insulator. 

This means that it is impossible for unwanted cold or hot air to penetrate your home. Homes or businesses in an area that is prone to ice, frost or other winter weather will especially appreciate this. 

The natural insulation will keep you warm during colder months without using extra fuel or using electricity. 

Reduces Noise Pollution

Stone masonry is popularly used in underground subway tunnels. Normally the walls of the subway tunnels are reinforced using concrete. This is a common problem when it comes to noise pollution. 

Concrete makes the underground passages noisy. Concrete has a lot of components such as glass, steel and plastics that absorb the vibrations and generate noise. 

Many tunnels these days are filled with walls made of masonry, rocks and mortar instead of concrete. 

Decreases Energy Consumption

Stone masonry is much cheaper and lighter than concrete. Masonry walls have a high thermal mass that causes the entire wall to stay in temperature all year round. It almost acts like a warm chimney.

Since a masonry wall is made of stone, there is no need to heat your home with an inefficient heater. You can save money in the long run. 

Advantages Over Concrete

Traditional outdoor concrete has a few drawbacks

  • Concrete as an outdoor surface is not as easy to clean as stone or tile 
  • It is susceptible to water damage, and it needs a lot of maintenance. 

Stone or tile is a much more elegant and attractive choice for outdoor areas. Stone masonry has much more durability and is easier to clean.

Additional Benefits of Masonry

Stone masonry also provides the following benefits:

  • It is highly versatile.
  • You can combine stone masonry with concrete masonry to create a building with striking architecture. 
  • Masonry is an excellent choice for creating unique security structures. 

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