Eight Maintenance Tasks You Need to do to Prevent Water Damage

About 14,000 Americans experience water damage every day either at home or at work. Any building that has water damage is susceptible to floor, wall and roof damage as well as mold and mildew. All of these issues make it impossible or dangerous for you to reside in these places. To avoid water damage to your home, follow these seven maintenance tasks for preventing water damage. 

Install a Chimney Cap or Cover

Having a chimney is great during the colder months. Your chimney can still let water in if you do not have anything blocking the rain or snow. Block water from pouring in by installing a chimney cap or cover. This cover keeps water from coming in and keeps the chimney veneer in better shape. It also still allows you to use your fireplace without any issues. 

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is not just for visual effects. It also protects your home from water damage. Gutters that are full of water and leaves can break or leak, sending the water into your home. Plus, gutters that have leaves in them can hide pests that can also go inside your home. To avoid all these issues, clean and inspect your gutters at least once per season. 

Fill in Cracks and Gaps

Any openings you have on your house, including cracks and gaps can allow water to seep in. These cracks and gaps can form due to weather, foundation conditions, animals and nature. Once they show up, they only get bigger with time. To avoid water damage from these problem areas, you need to fill in the cracks and gaps. Most of the time, caulking is the best and easiest solution. If the problem areas are larger than expected or not closing, contact a home service company right away. 

Inspect the Roof

Roofs are fundamental when it comes to houses. They keep the people dwelling inside safe and warm. However, unchecked or unmonitored roofs can create huge and expensive problems — flooding or caving in. Do not wait until it is too late. Instead, inspect your roof once a quarter. Check to make sure all the shingles are in place and that there is nothing on the roof. If you do notice any issues, contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Check for Leaks

A leak may start small and unnoticeable, but leaving it unattended can create bigger problems. Leaks commonly occur around drains, pipes, air conditioners, gutters, faucets and chimneys. While doing a maintenance inspection around your home, check all these areas. Check under all sinks and have a flashlight on hand. Many of these places are dark, making it hard to see. 

Repair Your Chimney

If you notice water seeping through your chimney, you most likely have an issue somewhere on it. Over time, weather and animals can cause cracks and other damages to your chimney. These issues then become worse, which then leads to your chimney falling apart or allowing water to come inside. Do not let this happen to your house. Instead, work with a team of masonry experts to repair your chimney

Keep Drains Flowing and Clean

The drains in your home are a crucial aspect for preventing water damage. Your pipes and drains need to flow swiftly and easily. Clogged pipes cause water, food and other materials to stay in place. These stuck items can cause foul odors, bacteria, mold, mildew and fruit fly and mosquito breeding. If the situation is not alleviated, it can cause serious flooding. Before your pipes and drains reach this point, make sure they all drain. If you notice some drainage issues, and can’t clear it to try calling a local plumber. 

These were just seven ways to prevent water damage in your home. For more ways to help, contact a local home service company like Ray Arnold Masonry and General Contracting.  If you have any questions or issues about your chimney, do not hesitate to contact us today.