Redoing Your Fireplace to Brighten up Your Home

Is your fireplace old and outdated? Do you have some extra free time on your hands due to the pandemic? Why not use this time to redo your fireplace? Giving your fireplace a facelift will not only enhance the room but your entire living space. Check out these tips for renovating your fireplace and learn how we can help you brighten up your home. 

Stay Within Your Budget

Home renovations of any kind can quickly eat away at your proposed budget. Luckily, there are many ways to stay within your budget when redoing your fireplace veneer. Try something simple such as adding a mantle. Search online for reclaimed or recycled wood to save money and give your fireplace a rustic look. Even a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference and does not break the bank. 

Change Your Design

If you have a larger budget, consider more extensive renovations such as applying new brick, stone or wooden features to your veneer. Redesign your mantle with new wooden features such as columns and ornate carvings. 

Browse online searching forums and salvage stores to find the best deals. Want a completely new look? Try switching out your outdated brick veneer with natural-looking stone or go for a rustic, wooden aesthetic. Easily match the color scheme of the rest of your home to complete your ideal look. 

Prevent Unwanted Drafts

Drafty houses are unwelcoming and uncomfortable. Often, the source of an unwanted draft comes from a fireplace issue, especially in older homes. If your fireplace is too big, it can affect how cold air and smoke moves through your chimney, often trapping them within your home. Redesigning your fireplace veneer can help reduce fireplace drafts and keep your home warm and cozy all winter. 

Work With the Professionals

DIY renovations can be costly and dangerous, especially when working with masonry. Luckily, our expert contractors are ready to help you redesign your fireplace. With almost 70 years of experience in masonry and contracting, we are confident that we can help you brighten up your home and ensure your fireplace is operating as it should be. Contact us today for an estimate on your fireplace needs.